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1130327 Sweet Duo for Mom

28 Mar

pub duo for momThis was requested by Fairuza …

She just asked, a B’day writing and baking tools and fortunately I’ve just got a new letter press tool I found on the shop next door and here it was a nice sweet duo for mom …

Hopefully Fairuza like it …. and look at a bowl of eggs next  to the kitchen aid mixer, do they look like the real ones? 😀


1130323 Initial in Pretty Pink

28 Mar

pub initial in pretty pinkyippieee ….

This pack was requested by Queenia (what a name!), one of my daughter’s friend hmmm …can you see that she might be someday sit as Sales Executive Director, qiqiqi who knows! Insya Allah …Amin YRA.

Queenia asked a simple nine apck actually with some condition, it’s all about pink, cups with capital letters (hmmm) maybe initial of her best friends, and one cup Hello Kitty.

And here it is … When I was asking my daughter about feedback from her friends, she told me that they looked like not dare to eat up the cups …. 😀

However, to see this result make me think of something that I have to add up my collection of letter moulding /cutting tools …

Thank you Queenia ….


1130325 Close Up!

28 Mar

pub close up

1130321 “Penganten”

28 Mar

pub groom bride 1My daughter’s friend was asking this duo cups for her sister or brother I guessed … either Eliza or Bima hehehe ….She asked the bride hold a kind of cooking tool and the groom holding the mic, maybe he is a singer or presenter …? So here it is ….

So far I think I’ve not been managed to mould the groom and bride as nice as I expected … including this one.

Maybe some other time I’ve got my best mood for these items.



1130319 Purple mania …

28 Mar

pub purple 1This package was requested by the lovely girl Rossa. For her best friend I guess. Item she ordered were consist of two princess, girly stuff specially something related with beauty make up or cosmetics which is something I know not well qiqiqiqi….

And she said that the BDay friend got a lot of boyfriends, hmm … so I put one cup with 7 boyish face to represent the character …

“hiiii….lucu…” that’s comment of Ross and I think she like it very much!

And a couple days after, she brought some of her friends coming to the house and asking another cute order! sweee!

Thank you Rossa….