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1121123 Angry Birds Aisyifa ….

17 Nov


1121121 Purple Pinky Anniversary Mitha Djie

17 Nov

This package was requested by a pretty girl Bebby, for her friends I guessed. She was one of friends who like very much to order a kind of anniversary theme. And I feel always special to make it for her. And at this time, she would like to request a set for her friends Mitha and Djie for their 4th anniversary.

She told me the specification pretty much detail actually, even she drew it and send the sketch picture to me, but unfortunately the writing was so little Bebby, so it was very difficult for me to understand. While my blackberry’s signal was so suck inside the house so, i needed to texting her for several times, but bebby was so kind actually to let intrepret her request with my own idea, as the bottom message of the package was clearly I understood.

She asked a couple, young couple, the lady shall wearing the jilbab or ‘busana muslim’, the date, the number of anniversary, and the ‘emott heart’ mean the cute –shaped heart, and the other one was a cup with a lot of small heart scattered on top of it.

And surely  the icon of the package would be the one with the most difficult challenge … which is the lady with the jilbab!!! Since there would not be hair for the lady figurine, so any element that make her look pretty was eyes, lips, there was no nose cause if i make the people figurine there always will two choices between the close to the real ones or the funny ones. And if I make the close to the real one I prefer to make it nose-less, and with nose for the funny ones. And off course how the jilbab covering nicely the head would essensially determine how nice the lady will look like.

So the first challenge i think i’ve passed. The face of the lady looked pretty much okay, not too pretty but fit with the face, and so the lips.

The second challenge was the dress, as we know that lately the progress of woman’s moeslem fashion has been developed rapidly, in colour and also in the design are getting more and more beautiful, georgeous and sophisticated. And here it was, the design I’ve chosed for this package. I think the combination of purple and pink look pretty enough for her. And I surprise that I feel whatever we work with the fondant, i will never gone wrong, you never gone wrong to make anything with the fondant! Don’t worry be happy …. And continue, the other important thing to make a people figurine is to assembly the body part particularly the hand, it always make me nerveous, beside the shape and the measurement shall be precisely and naturally fit to the body, you also have to synchronize it in which the hand can be still sticky enough to be sticked on to the body, so we have to precisely determine the sequence in which the hand part is not too long to wait, so that it will dry before we are ready to stick it into the body.

And finally, making the scarf or jilbab. As I mention before that jilbab will be an important aspect for the lady figurine, it shall not be too thick, and precise measurement, and also must be put nicely around the lady’s face. So like wearing the real jilbab, I have to prepare the hair, like she got a ‘cepol’ in order to shape the jilbab nicely. And then I covered the head with the inner small scarf which is a triangle shape, after that i prepare the jilbab itself, in triangle shape bigger than the inner one. And put carefully and nicely on top of her head and slowly circling around the face, be carefull with the upper part shall be maintained well falling down so it would look naturall, neatly and beautifully. Again, be carefull, because once you put the scarf wrong and not even, it would be very difficult or worsely if it has sticked on to the head, while it was on the wrong position or anything way of your plan, you figurine work will go astray – you have to repeat it from the start.

The last challenge was a full flower heart, it lil bit heavy actually since I have to make more than a dozen of small pinky purple rose that sticked on the two piece of heart-shaped fondant with a candy stick in the midle to make a support. And well, it supposed to be rested overnight actually to let it dry peacefully but unfortunately i made it in the morning and promise to the pretty Bebby to be picked up in the afternoon…. so of course there was not much time to let it dry peacefully. And the result the fully rose heart-shaped was lil bit  ‘mleyot’ if i can say … but it’s okay it’s not a perfectly heart shaped as I expected. But … overall here was the anniversary package for pretty Bebby.

 I hope she’s gonna like it … and she was! Because the day after it delivered to her, he made an next order! Praise to Allah ….thanks to Bebby hehehehe….

Did I sound exaggerate to describe how to make this package …? 😀 maybe I did …. but it’s okay because of …..

All passions exaggerate; and they are passions only because they do exaggerate.  ~Nicolas Chamfort