1121109 (all eatable) DORAEMON ….

6 Nov

How dare you mom or pa, not to order this pack for your lovely sons (or even for your daughters) … ?!!!! 😀

Well, i have to provoke you all mommy and daddy or brother or sisters to order this package for your beloved ones in which requested by my new friend Caroline. Because this is so special, blue, cute and consist of five different pose of Doraemon. Who doesn’t like this Japanese cartoon?

It was a very very happy to receive this order since I have been wait so long to put the idea of Doraemon cupcake into reality. But I always need to be driven by a real order since it would not be possible for me to postpone or indulge my excuses of doing it … well, there’s always tomorrow, bad habbit 😀

Doraemon was one of my beloved cartoon since I was a lil kid.  It had been my routine entertainment in around ’80s played by national TV on Sunday morning. Who kid not so desperately hope that he or she got this wonderful, smart, funny, cute ‘unyu-unyu’ and completely problem solver robotic friend like Doraemon, who is always on your side whenever you need it, with its never – run out of cool stuff magical pocket ? So, it was an exciting feeling I feel when I made all these pieces … the memory of childhood was slowly dancing on my mind.

There  were not much difficulties I’ve met on this package, except that I have to be lil bit more carefully working on doraemon’s face, maintain the proportional between the head (blue round face), the white face area, put the nose and eyes on the right position and particularly for  the mouth that open up (it has to be like Doraemon that is about to eat the cake) so in such a way that the whole face of Doraemon will look like at least not too far from the original ones. And I think I did it pretty well, didn’t I? From all the five poses of Doraemon, my favourite is the one that wear hat and hold the softball stick, cute. I think the degree of blue color I’ve made was is also ‘pas’ or right.

Onother challenge was that Caroline asked me to put a miniature of a boy or a young man I think, represent Kresna who is actually also wearing glassess just like Nobita, so here it was … a handsome young man with a big glasses like Nobita’s, wearing yellow shirt, but instead of giving him a short trousers, I made it a long ones for him, hopefully it was like what Caroline expected or even for Kresna will like it …. and hopefully both of them enjoy all the cute unyu-unyu package, and last but not least I cheer Happy Birthday to Kresna, may this package giving you inspiration to you to be more usefull human being as usefull as Doaremon or even better for others ! 🙂

And, like usual … I have to find a quote that might be suitable for this package. I think many keywords might be used … like ‘friendship’ maybe, the friendship between Doaremon and Nobita, or ‘problem solver’ like Doraemon trait or character, ‘blue’ or maybe ‘smart cat’ ? Surely, the friendship would be very appropriate I guess the spirit and message of the Doraemon and Nobita shall be inspiraton for anyone right, beside it would be abundant sources of it we can find on the internet …..

Let see what I get …..

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”  ― Albert Camus

Taty, 08/11/12


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