1120801 Lime-striped Red Cake for Zizi’s beloved hubby

5 Aug

believe it or not, i was watching Red Riding Hood, when i made this icing people figuring – replica of zizi, the beloved daughter and hubby…

and hours after I finished it and looked over it…I realized that I think the mom figure was accidently very similar to Amanda Seyfried, wasn’t she? 😀

Lil bit dissapointed for Zizi, that i didn’t have much time to put the mazda 2 on top of the cake, however she was pretty much happy with the cake particularly for the yummy chocolate cake plus the chocolate butter cream inside.

Another flaw is that I think the cute lil daughter was too big/way older for the Zizi’s daughter … just another sowwyyyy… 😀

Hopefully the three of them enjoy it …

So, what is something deep should be quoted according to this lime-striped red pretty cake…? hmm … I think this would be a good one,

“An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight. . . The truly wise person is colorblind.”– Albert Schweitzer –


Percaya apa tidak? saya buat icing Zizi, putri dan suaminya terkasih sambil nonton Red Riding Hood … dan beberapa saat kemudian kalau diamat-amati bundanya jadinya mirip banget sama Amanda Seyfried, bukan? hahaha …moga2 sabahat2 semua gak bilang “bukaaaannnnnn” yaaa


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