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1120203 Shaun The Yumm

9 Feb


1120201 Duo fully red rose and chocho sprinkle

9 Feb

1120101 Bonnet of Rose

9 Feb

This cup looks like a lady with the bonnet on her head … pretty elegance

Price – Rp per pack / 6 pcs

2120103 Cute Assorted

9 Feb

This package consist of six different topping, cupcakes can be vanillla or chocolate or mix bothly.

Toping, clockwise from upper left cup – strawberry cream garnished with strawberry jam and cute lil fondant flower, choco swirl on white chocolate ganache, snow vanilla cream garnished with smal single rose, blueberry cream, chocolate cream and cheese and cherry.

Price – Rp per pack/6 pcs

2120105 Duo Berry (straw & blue)

9 Feb

Price – Rp per pack/ 6 pcs